One of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the city


Photo by Sean Driscoll

Food in Vancouver is merely a reflection of its surroundings and of the people who live in the city. It's fresh, diverse, and multicultural. You can find food with influences from all over the world, from authentic Indian cuisine and fresh Japanese sushi to down and dirty Southern fried chicken. There's a meal for every appetite. 


Experience Vancouver through classics, hidden gems, and the newest restaurants on the block! 


Lee's Donuts

This small donut joint inside the Granville Island market is a Vancouver institution—and it finally got the praise it deserves. Momofuku founder David Chang's new Netlflix show Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner featured this humble little donut stand, thanks to beloved Vancouverite, Seth Rogen's introduction. Lee's Donuts serves all the classics but is known for its delectable honey dip donut. Don't expect to try just one because you'll end up taking a box home. 



Experience fine-dining with west coast flair. L'Abattoir serves the highest calibre of French-influenced food with fresh West Coast ingredients, yet preserves a laid back Vancouver vibe by allowing diners to dress as casually and comfortably as they desire. For that reason alone it's at the top of our recommendation list, the spot where it also sits for many others. 



To find hearty, filling, AND healthy(ish) food—head to any one of the four Nuba locations across the city. This Lebanese restaurant serves delicious cocktails, a variety of appetizing platters, and a wide range of vegetarian options. Vancouverites across the Lower Mainland are hooked on their deep-fried cauliflower and eating "Najib's Special" is almost a rite of passage in the city. 


La Forêt

Just on the outskirts of the city is Burnaby's best-kept secret. La Forêt, opened in 2017, is a massive bakery and café so grand in size and beautiful ambiance you'll wind up spending hours inside. While it's exterior screams of industrial design and concrete, inside are green walls and tall plants with leaves so large they offer shade to the diner sitting beneath it. Try their coffee, pastries and sandwiches, and good luck finding the will to leave. 


The other great thing about La Forêt is that it's only a quick drive away from the Best Western Plus Kings Inn—a cozy and comfortable hotel with first-class amenities at an affordable price. 


While this list remains short, it definitely won't disappoint. If we were to include all of our top eats you'd be here reading for hours, because that's right—there's just THAT much good food in the city. Book your stay in Vancouver and make those reservations, so there's no disappointment.